Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yifei XS - 1 Phantom "Dancing Quadcopter" Review!

UPDATE: After posting this review, I compared the motors in the XS-1 to the motors in my Cheerson CX-31, and they were an exact match, so I was able to go back and re-evaluate the Yifei XS-1, and it's absolutely amazing! If you're in the market for a micro quad, this is definitely an awesome option. This thing is DEFINITELY a "buy" now!

CX-31 Motor (CW)
CX-31 Motor (CCW)

After reviewing the Eachine H8 Mini a little while back, I was really pleased to see something that flies similarly, but is slightly larger. Unfortunately I had a bit of an issue with one of my motors...

GearBest Link ($21.44!)

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