Friday, February 12, 2016

Amazon Game Engine, Tesla Model 3 Updates, Epic Dragonball Hoverboard!

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Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free

Amazon puts Zombie Apocalypse clause into terms and conditions - CNET

Tesla Model 3 may cost as little as $25,000, if it arrives in time

Elon Musk: You can reserve a Model 3 starting March 31st

Innovative electric go-kart packs Wi-Fi and GPS smarts - Roadshow

The computer in Google’s self-driving car can be considered the driver, US says

Google wants to add wireless charging to its self-driving cars

Google prepping a more powerful VR headset and “Android VR” software, rumor says

This Smartphone's Packaging Turns Into a VR Headset

Oculus reveals first “Oculus Ready” PCs, in bundles starting at $1,499

How to film gorgeous slo-mo: twirl an iPhone around your head on a string

The Only Cool Way to Ride a Hoverboard is to Turn It into the Flying Cloud from Dragon Ball


What happens when you are crushed between two portals in Portal? This.

New 1-Terabit internet satellites will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas

Holy Shit! Scientists Have Confirmed the Existence of Gravitational Waves

Shape-shifting 'superhero' material can lift 1,000 times its weight - CNET

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