Thursday, March 10, 2016

Oculus Better than Playstation VR? 3D Mapping Drones, Rocket League Batmobile!

Stories mentioned:

Audio Module For LG G5’s Magic Slot Works With Other Phones

Google I/O 2016 Registration is Now Open!

$299 handheld Windows 10 gaming console fits right in your pocket

The founder of 4chan joins Google, presumably to work on Google+

A Smartphone Can Copy a 3D Model By Just Recording the Sounds of a 3D Printer

Xerox Photocopiers Can Now Translate Whatever You're Copying

This app uses a neural network to describe the world around you

3D Robotics partners with Sony on a drone that can map the world in 3D

The Batmobile bursts onto the scene in latest Rocket League DLC

Sony: PlayStation VR Brings Tech to Masses, Oculus Might Have Superior Quality

Sony announces hands-free wearable as part of new Future Lab Program

Google's AI Just Won Its Second Match Against Go World Champion Lee Sedol

Researchers grow crops in simulated Martian and Lunar soil

Volvo puts weight behind a single charging standard for all EVs - Roadshow

We finally know how Mercury gets its dark gray color: an ancient carbon crust

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