Friday, March 18, 2016

VR Roller Coaster, Rocket League Basketball, Self-Adjusting Eyeglasses

Stories mentioned:

Oculus Rift: All 30 launch titles and Oculus Home, the platform’s dashboard

PlayStation VR requires a camera — but doesn’t come with one

These are the games coming to Sony's PlayStation VR

The Sulon Q delivers immersive augmented and virtual reality, no PC required

Sennheiser's 3D audio for VR feels totally natural

Samsung's new Entrim 4D headphones add movement to VR by tricking your inner ear

SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode: play any game on a massive virtual display

How Lucasfilm made Star Wars’ first official VR lightsaber battle

The New VR Coaster at Six Flags Is the Future of Vomiting

'Rocket League' is getting a basketball mode

Xbox One games may offer cross-platform support to PlayStation 4 and other consoles

Now you can ask Amazon's Echo about your Fitbit stats

Ring updates its smart doorbell with 1080p video, advanced motion detection

'Omnifocal' eyewear uses liquid crystal, autocorrects your lenses (Tomorrow Daily 331 show notes) - CNET

Microsoft's new software turns Minecraft into a testing ground for AI

Vantablack, 'world's blackest material,' now comes in a spray - CNET

Self-lacing Nikes are real, will go on sale later this year

[UPDATED] The Beetlejuice sequel is officially happening, Ryder and Keaton are in

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