Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beme on Android! Nvidia GTX 1080, Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Mode!

Stories mentioned:

This Hoverboard Actually Flies And It Just Set A World Record

Casey Neistat's social app Beme is now on Android

Follow me on Beme!

This weekend's Kentucky Derby will be broadcast in VR

Microsoft HoloLens - Here are the full processor, storage and RAM specs

Nvidia's new graphics cards are a big deal

IKEA begins stocking solar panels in its UK stores

One-rotor drone is equal parts awkward-looking and adorable

Self-driving minivan reportedly coming from Fiat Chrysler and Google [Update: It’s official]

BMW boosts i3 battery capacity by 50 percent—and it’s retrofitable

Tesla's Model 3 will be sold with a Ludicrous Mode option

This Audi has a longboard hidden in its bumper for cool dads everywhere

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