Sunday, July 17, 2016

Amazon Echo... with a Battery? Smatree AE9000 Battery Base



  • Large Battery Capacity: 9000mAh/33.3Wh battery enables your loved echo works about 5-8 hours anywhere without AC power source.
  • Magnetic Charging Connector Design for Easy Installation[PATENT PENDING]: The base connects your echo by using a magnetic charging connector instead of cable which avoids the trouble to wind cables and keeps your echo stand more stable on the base
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Technology: AE9000 support to connect with AC power adapter for long time and without worry it will damage the battery. AE9000 has built-in smart IC to make it distinguish its working state automatically and determine the time to start charging the battery.
  • Two Optional Charging methods: AE9000 can be charged via Echo original AC adapter (15V/1.4A) and 5V USB adapter or Power bank (Output 5V/2A or above).
  • Automatic Voltage Protection Design: When AE9000's battery runs out and turns off automatically, it may enter into Low Voltage Protection status.If you find it can not charge with 15V/1.4A power, please connect 5V/2A input to activate AE9000 first.

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